Better South - Gift Membership

Better South - Gift Membership

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Find your people. Join The Bitter Southerner Family.

The Bitter Southerner community was born out of a passion for the South — and a willingness to stare down, with clear eyes, our region's history and myths. We celebrate what's worthy about the South, and we point out the unworthy.

Around this passion, a community assembled. They speak to each other every day in the private Facebook group reserved for those who join The Bitter Southerner Family. They speak with civility, intelligence, and thought.

We're introducing this limited-run holiday membership package to give you a little extra incentive to join the Family if you haven't yet — or to allow our current members the chance to give Family membership to their like-minded friends.

Wear the shirt proudly, because a Better South is what we all want.

Please remember, if you're giving this as a gift, to include the recipient's shipping address, so we can add them to the Family roll. 

(NOTE: If you are already a member of The Bitter Southerner Family and simply want the shirt, just use your normal Family discount code for the month to get the shirt alone.)