All-Purpose Waxed Canvas Apron

All-Purpose Waxed Canvas Apron

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Aprons are handy. That's why old ladies wore them. These days, of course, the apron is for whoever can use it, and this fine new product from our buddies at heirloomed is what you need. If you're a gardener, it'll hold your handheld rakes. If you're a woodworker, it's got hammer loops and space for tape measures and such. And if you're a bartender, your strainers (both Hawthorne and julep) will find cozy homes. 

  • Made of heavy, chocolate-brown waxed canvas
  • Plaid interior cotton lining
  • 12 inches long and 32 inches wide
  • Each end has an adjustable 24-inch-long, twill-tape tie
  • In other words, one size fits all
  • Four large pockets and two loops
  • Tools not included. We're not in the tool business. Yet.

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