Bitter Southerner No. 4 Cocktail Print: "For Celebration and Exuberance"

Bitter Southerner No. 4 Cocktail Print: "For Celebration and Exuberance"

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The Bitter Southerner Cocktail No. 4, by New Orleans' Abigail Gullo, is built with dark rum, Averna, Campari, and Steen's Cane Syrup from Abbeville, Louisiana. Find the recipe here.

"The inspiration for the No. 4 comes from the wealth of makers, movers, and shakers who have been producing Louisiana’s finest local products for decades. The drink celebrates the family businesses that take the region’s embarrassment of sweet riches — from citrus and sugar cane — and turns them into the kind of elixirs that are perfect for helping stave off the oppressive heat of August’s dog days … if only for a few sips."

We asked artist (and damned fine bartender) Krista Slater to paint images of all seven cocktails in the BS numbered series. Each print measures 8" x 10".

Hang it in your bar, or anywhere you enjoy a delicious drink.

  • Each print is archival giclee on cold press paper (very similar in texture and weight to that which the originals were painted on).
  • The quality of the ink and paper give the prints a fade-free age range of 100-200 years.
  • The attention to detail in color-matching and quality of materials gives you a reproduction that is hard to discern from an original.
  • Printed by the awesome ladies at Pixel & Ink Studio, a small business in Athens, Georgia.