Bitter Southerner No. 7 Cocktail Print: "For Southern Summers"

Bitter Southerner No. 7 Cocktail Print: "For Southern Summers"

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The Bitter Southerner Cocktail No. 7 by Brooks Reitz contains bourbon, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Sweet Tea Syrup, lemon and mint. Find the recipe here.

"I started thinking, what would a displaced Southerner — now bitter because he or she is living up North — want to drink to remind them of home?” he says. “Maybe on the stoop of their fifth-story walk-up, as they try their hardest to pretend they’re sitting in a rocking chair on a spacious porch? I think they would go with something that reminds them of home: bourbon, sweet tea, mint, lemon."

We asked artist (and damned fine bartender) Krista Slater to paint images of all seven cocktails in the BS numbered series. Each print measures 8" x 10".

Hang it in your bar, or anywhere you enjoy a delicious drink.

  • Each print is archival giclee on cold press paper (very similar in texture and weight to that which the originals were painted on).
  • The quality of the ink and paper give the prints a fade-free age range of 100-200 years.
  • The attention to detail in color-matching and quality of materials gives you a reproduction that is hard to discern from an original.
  • Printed by the awesome ladies at Pixel & Ink Studio, a small business in Athens, Georgia.