Original "Birds of the South" Painting: Peregrine Falcon

Original "Birds of the South" Painting: Peregrine Falcon

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A Native Bird by a Native Son: the Peregrine Falcon

This is Stephen Key's original painting of the peregrine falcon.

Canvas measures 8" x 10" 

Artist's Statement

Drawing has always been with me, painting came later and animation came after that. Change and transformation is not an enemy to a creative person, and so when it is time, I welcome new ideas and outcomes. I have guarded closely the innocence of my self-taught hand, and trust in my instincts and what pleases my eye.  Creating helps to clarify what is inside. I hope you enjoy.

Stephen Key's Website

Not to be confined by the realm of visual art, Stephen Key is also an accomplished radio and podcast producer. He is the host of "Blank Canvas Radio" on AM1690. He is the audio engineer of the podcast Crazy Good Turns. He co-hosts and produces Georgia Tech's "Building Memories" podcast, presented by the Ivan Allen College.