Waffle House Vistas + Limited-Edition Print

No story we published in 2019 was more widely read than Micah Cash’s “Waffle House Vistas.” So we turned it into a hardcover book — all of Micah's photographs from inside Waffle Houses all over the South, plus new material: a foreword by New Orleans novelist Maurice Carlos Ruffin (We Cast a Shadow) and an afterword from North Carolina writer Laura Bullard. 

This special limited-edition of 100 includes your very own 8x10'' print, suitable for framing, signed and numbered by Micah Cash.

To help a contributor turn images or words into a tangible object, something you can hold in your hands, is one of the coolest things we ever get to do. And we hope you enjoy reading — and staring at for hours — "Waffle House Vistas" in book form.

Order yours today!

Print specs:

  • Signed edition of 100
  • 6x9 image size on 8x10 archival paper

Book specs:

  • Hardbound
  • 11 inches tall x 9 inches wide
  • 96 pages