The BS Magazine is Here!

In this first issue, you’ll spot stories from across our region. You’ll also find poetry, moments of nostalgia, amazing art, road trips, a mesmerizing Valerie June, and long-form stories of social change, our environment, and the Southern food and music for which we’ve become known.

Smothered & Covered

Print by Heather Sundquist Hall

As featured in our print magazine. We're proud to partner with Heather in offering you one of our favorites. 8x10'', Ships unframed.

Your Membership Makes Change

Creating true change is complicated and hard. We know there is still much work to be done. As we continue to rise for our community, our region, and the place we call home, won’t you join us? We believe, as we did eight years ago, that the South is worthy of the work. We have come a long way, and we are asking y’all to rise with us. Together, we can make a better home for all. Together, we can build a better South and a better world.

Waffle House Vistas: A Microcosm of the South

Waffle House does not care how much you are worth, what you look like, where you are from, what your political beliefs are, or where you’ve been so long as you respect the unwritten rules of Waffle House: Be kind, be respectful, and don't overstay when others are waiting for a table.