DBT Shirts Going Out, Money for Nuçi's Space Coming In


The crew at The Bitter Southerner General Store spent most of the weekend shipping out hundreds of Drive-By Truckers: Original Bitter Southerners T-shirts to folks all over the country. The reason for this update is twofold:

  1. To let y'all know, if you've already bought yours, it's on its way.
  2. To remind those of you who haven't bought one that $10 from every shirt sold goes to a place in Athens, Georgia, that always does its part to make the South a better place: Nuçi's Space. 

To learn more about Nuçi's, visit their website. You'll quickly understand why it's an organization worth helping. Our goal is to present Nuçi's with as big a check as possible at the Truckers' annual Heathens Homecoming in Athens come February. Y'all help us out with that. 

And if you get your shirt, take a photo of yourself wearing it, and tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.