The Gift Subscription (Three Issues)

Who do you know that needs a Bitter Southerner magazine subscription in their life? Your cousin, your Paw Paw, your boss, your mentor, your BFF, your neighbors, your hair salon or maybe your close-minded brother? How about your school library or your favorite teacher? We're on it. 

Order a subscription for your people, and we'll send them a nice note letting them know their issues are on the way! 

You are giving someone this special gift:

✓ A full year of The Bitter Southerner magazine (3 issues)
✓ Free shipping of each issue within U.S.
✓ 15% off all orders in our General Store
✓ Monthly members’ newsletter
✓ Our new Better South, Better America, Better World bumper sticker

* Spring issue (No. 7) - André 3000 on the cover - ships April 5th.

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