BS Magazine - Issue No. 2

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The Bitter Southerner print magazine, more than a dozen stories printed and bound and soon to be in your hands. 

Yes. That is Michael Stipe, and those are the self-portraits he made for The Bitter Southerner. In writer David Peisner’s cover story, “Michael Stipe is Present,” the two talk about the days of REM, but primarily Piesner has written the story of an artist and ever-evolving human, living in the here and now. 

Iconic American writer and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Alice Walker writes A Letter From Home. There’s an interview with the godfather of color photography, Bill Eggleston. We honor John Prine in our Endnotes. Turn the pages and world-class contributors weave stories of dry counties, a decade at a state fair, marching bands, mountain tops, and biscuits. There’s poetry and acts of love.
  • 11 x 13.5''
  • perfect bound
  • 152 pages