Familiar by Christy Bush / Foreword by Michael Stipe

Thirty years of photographs: Rock 'n' Roll, Fashion and Coming of Age in the South. 

Foreword by Michael Stipe

Our most ambitious and most beautiful book to date. Every glorious image taken by photographer Christy Bush with a foreword written by Christy's longtime friend, artist, and musician, Michael Stipe.

A rebellious punk rock kid from Atlanta, Christy Bush moved to Athens in the early '90s and fell in with a well-known group of creatives and musicians. Those were heady days in Athens, Georgia, and Christy took her camera with her everywhere, snapping pictures, "so she wouldn't forget." Familiar is a visual feast... a look through Christy's lens at the last three decades from Athens to NYC to Los Angeles and around the world. Her rock and fashion photographs are stunning. The images of her muses, documenting their coming of age stories in the South, are jaw-dropping.

“There is a simple truth evident throughout. Many of these subjects are family, people that she has gathered together and created a life with. Her documentation of that life is shown in both its rawness and in the more theatrical glamour of the staged and unstaged. It challenges us to look in different ways. It is a delight to be invited inside this life." ~ Michael Stipe

Featuring more than 180 photographs
9 x 12 inches
252 pages, Hardbound

BS Publishing, 2021